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Image of the word tautologie as
            LaTeX-output \tau\to\log{}ie


Diese Seite ist leider nur in Englisch vorhanden.

GladTeX 0.6 - A Modern Rewrite Of GladTeX In Python

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 10.11.2015 (20:53)


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GladTeX-ng - Embed LaTeX Quality Images Into HTML

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 20.08.2015 (21:36)

I recently struggled to get GladTeX working on Windows which is a real pain with the current mixture of C/Perl. It's possible to get a binary out of GladTeX and the required subprogram eqn2img, but on some systems it would not terminate when processing a .htex file. Even though I have been trying to avoid this step, I finally decided to rewrite GladTeX in pure Python, because that brings many benefits. ...

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Review - Installing Debian Jessie On A Lenovo Thinkpad X250

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 11.05.2015 (20:31)

This article reviews the installation process of Debian 8.0 on a ThinkPad X250. It is not meant to be a step-by-step guide and is more a review of how the installation currently works and what to expect from it. It also details some fixes to issues encountered after installation for this specific laptop model. ...

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Mate - An Accessible Alternative To GNOME 3

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 16.07.2014 (10:45)

I am generally no friend of continuing dead technology, as GNOME 2 was termed. I payed little attention to the rumors that Mate, a GNOME 2 fork, was under active development. Since in recent Debian Unstable, the GNOME Shell accessibility experience is very poor and GNOME-shell seems to have a lot of bugs, I've tried out Mate and I will present some (quick) notes about what works. This article is of course about accessibility, but also covers some aspects of GNOME-shell and Mate in general. ...

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copy (clipboard)-text between a tty and a GUI

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 02.04.2014 (16:35)

For blind programmers using text editors like Vim, the command line is in most cases the only convinient work environment. On the other hand some tasks are not possible on a raw tty, therefore a GUI is necessary. Copying text between a tty and a X session is more or less a pain. In this short article, I'll describe xclip and some convenient ways to use it with Vim / ZSH / GNU screen. ...

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GladTeX - embed LaTeX-quality equations in HTML

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 16.03.2014 (13:31)

Some months ago I searched for a solution to embed equations in HTML together with the LaTeX-equation in the alt-tag (alternative text). This allows blind people to read documents with equations together with their sighted colleagues. Pandoc finally gave me a hint, since it supports conversion from Markdown to HTML with the --gladtex option. So I learned about GladTeX. I patched this program. ...

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GPG - Value The Privacy Of Your E-Mail

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 07.03.2014 (15:18)

GPG is a widely unknown encryption and signing service for electronic mail. Its features can be handy: you can safely deliver banking information via e-mail when using GPG or verify the authenticity of the sender of a message. I wil describe the basic setup for a GPG key, GPG configuration and GPG key signing. ...

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accessibility in Android

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 15.09.2013 (12:29)

Finally I got my hands on a Samsung smartphone and tried out the accessibility provided with Talkback on an Android 4.2.2. I want to give a short overview what is already working and what not. Fortunately, I cannot (and don't want!) compare the accessibility to the other big mobile operating system which has currently accessibility features. ...

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Encodings at CGI Using Python3

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 12.09.2013 (13:17)

As some might have noticed, I have rewritten my internal blog handling to make the appearance more uniform with the general web site design and to allow comments in the future. Since I now have switched „full-time” to Python 3.x, I had some real problems with encodings in Python3-CGI scripts, which I here want to discuss. ...

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uTeXer: replace (math) Unicode

Posted by Sebastian Humenda at 04.08.2013 (18:31)

When I am reading scientific papers or technical books, I'm often stumbling over formulas. Since I'm using a screen reader, I can't read (in most cases) the Unicode signs and therefore they must be corrected (transcribed into LaTeX commands) by someone else. Another annoying thing are the ligatures produced by LaTeX, found in a lot of PDF's, because they can't be read by speech synthesizers. ...

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